About Me

A Warning

I am in the middle of a complete revamp of the site. Check back soon for a bunch of interesting announcements. =)

The Overview

My commercial career is in brief: My first notable work was Acrophobia, a game played over IRC in 1995. Since then I have been involved with dozens of game projects, everything from online collectible card games to improv theatre gameshows to live action roleplaying. “People connecting” is the common thread through all of my games. I believe that games are a unique form of expression, and that the best games enable its players to express themselves in unique ways.

I currently reside in Watertown Massachusetts, where the buses are electric, the people are friendly, and the cemetery next door is not creepy. Not at all.

I play games. Frequently. In brief, I like games of most types: card games (collectible cards or otherwise), board games, computer games (strategy, MMOs), and console games (sports).

Where on the Internet is Andrea Shubert?

Other than andreashubert.com?

  • LinkedIn. The professional space.
  • Facebook. The personal space. If you don’t know me personally, you won’t see much there.
  • Twitter as @andrea2s1. Click to read my thoughts on gaming (frequently Magic the Gathering), LGBT issues, entertainment wrestling, and other random pithy stuff.
  • Andrea Discussing Game Design. My blog where you’ll find opinion, analysis and other thoughts about the industry, with a focus on other people’s projects.