My Ludography

Ludography is such an insider-term, but it is the only one-word description that means “a list of games someone has worked on.” So I’m using it.

A Partial List of My Favorite Projects…
rumbletvfootball RumbleTV Football was the sequel to RumbleTV Baseball. is a one-game fantasy football experience. Pick your favorite player cards and choose game events you think will happen during gameplay. I designed the gameplay and produced the project.
rumbletvbaseball RumbleTV Baseball was Connected Sports Venture’s first release. It is a one-game fantasy football experience. Pick your favorite player cards and choose game events you think will happen during gameplay. I designed the gameplay and produced the project.
tag-rectangle-tall TAG: The Acronym Game was the spiritual descendant of Acrophobia, reimagined for the social gaming age. Turn FCMW into Fun Casual Multiplayer Wordgame. I designed the gameplay and produced the project. It was one of the first attempts to make a commercial game on Twitter, and it did OK. The Facebook version was a mistake, but it was a fun mistake to make.
lon Legends of Norrath is a long-running digital TCG counterpart to Everquest. I helped with card art descriptions and gameplay design, and contributed to playtesting and tournament analysis.
swg Star Wars Galaxies TCG is connected to the original Star Wars MMO. This MMO is offline so you can’t play this game, which is a shame because this TCG has some of my very best work. I led the design of sets three through eight, and completely revamped the balance of hundreds of cards to create a fun and competitive gameplay experience.
maplestory MapleStory iTCG was a fun kids TCG released by Wizards of the Coast in 2007 and 2008. Based on the MMO of the same name, players leveled up their character, played items and abilities, and attack opposing monsters. I was part of the system design team, and designed and developed cards for all five sets.
Chron X Second Shift is a character-driven, fantasy audio drama. Three Boston-area college students are “shifted” against their will to another world where magic is real and danger is lurking. Shauna, Mike and Katherine must find a place in that world while finding their way back to this one. Both seasons of Second Shift were nominated for Parsec Awards — for the first season in 2007 when the field was brand new, and again in 2012 for its second season. (No, this isn’t a game. It is worth your time, anyways.)
uefa UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 was the very first collectible card game with real user-to-user trading over Xbox Live. I was the producer of that feature, called the “Ultimate Team.” Nearly every review mentioned the trading cards feature as the reason to buy the game. That feature went on to be included in every subsequent EA Spoers franchise, and has become a major driver in that division’s year-over-year growth.
Chron X Chron X is the Internet’s first online collectible card game, released in 1997. It won Computer Gaming World’s 1999 Shareware Game of the Year (because they didn’t use words like microtransactions back then). It features over 1200 cards spanning eight expansions. It’s a science-fiction game set in 2097, with members of the Inner Circle of The Body struggling for power in a post-apocalyptic Earth. BSRD acquired Chron X in 2003, and has since released three expansions: Breakpoint (2003), Reboot (2004) and Corruption (2005). BSRD sold Chron X to Darkened Sky Studios in 2007.
Acrophobia Acrophobia was the Internet’s first online multiplayer gameshow, and it won the 1997 Gamespot Online Game of the Year Award. Part wordgame and part improvisation, Acrophobia was a great excuse to spend hours in a chat room. Originally self-published in 1994, this game had been online for over a decade. In 1997, a commercial version was released through Berkeley Systems, later though Sierra and Vivendi Universal. It went offline in 2006. Millions of people have played Acrophobia, and it inspired several fan-created clones.
WWE With Authority! WWE With Authority! was the first officially-licensed online WWE game. Strategy and tactics ruled the day as players used their favorite WWE Superstar against one-another in an online collectible card game. Speedy thumbs not required—just attitude and a killer strategy. The game was originally called “WWF With Authority!” when published by THQ in February 2001. Despite the fact that production ceased in January 2003, players are still enjoying the game over a decade later in peer-to-peer form years after the server shutdown.